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Frequently Asked Questions

Millions of people dream of owning a holiday rental property. It can be a good income source and in these post pandemic times, can offer a change of lifestyle as a second home. But selecting the property requires deep market expertise and there comes setting up the property which is very time consuming. Our mission is to revolutionise holiday rental property investing and ownership and make it much easier to access this asset class.

We find desirable properties with great income potential, help acquire them, get them ready to welcome guests and package them with a top property management solution, ensuring a highly successful investment experience. Further, our proprietary ownership app allows owners to control the property, track performance and book personal stays without any hassles. You can now fulfil your dream of owning a rental property without spending countless nights and months through the purchase journey unguided.

Short-term rental properties are properties that are let out to guests on a short term basis i.e. usually for less than 90 days. Short term rental properties include formats such as Airbnbs, Holiday rental or vacation rental homes, B&Bs, boutique guest houses or small boutique hotels, as well as urban serviced apartments among others. Omah currently focuses on holiday or vacation rental homes and will soon enter into other categories.

Holiday rental properties are properties that are let out to holiday guests on a short term basis.

Real estate is a physical, tangible asset class that people buy in their portfolio to hedge their bets against economic uncertainty. Over a longer period of time, real estate asset classes perform (but not always) better than market average, in an economic recession.

In periods of inflation, real estate has a tendency to hold up remarkably well opposed to fiat investments. Real estate prices rise, income generated from rents grows directly in line with CPI.