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Frequently Asked Questions

Rent Guarantee
Management Contract
Rental Income

Millions of people dream of owning a holiday rental property. It can be a good income source and in these post pandemic times, can offer a change of lifestyle as a second home. But selecting the property requires deep market expertise and there comes setting up the property which is very time consuming. Our mission is to revolutionise holiday rental property investing and ownership and make it much easier to access this asset class.

We find desirable properties with great income potential, help acquire them, get them ready to welcome guests and package them with a top property management solution, ensuring a highly successful investment experience. Further, our proprietary ownership app allows owners to control the property, track performance and book personal stays without any hassles. You can now fulfil your dream of owning a rental property without spending countless nights and months through the purchase journey unguided.

Short-term rental properties are properties that are let out to guests on a short term basis i.e. usually for less than 90 days. Short term rental properties include formats such as Airbnbs, Holiday rental or vacation rental homes, B&Bs, boutique guest houses or small boutique hotels, as well as urban serviced apartments among others. Omah currently focuses on holiday or vacation rental homes and will soon enter into other categories.

Holiday rental properties are properties that are let out to holiday guests on a short term basis.

Real estate is a physical, tangible asset class that people buy in their portfolio to hedge their bets against economic uncertainty. Over a longer period of time, real estate asset classes perform (but not always) better than market average, in an economic recession.

In periods of inflation, real estate has a tendency to hold up remarkably well opposed to fiat investments. Real estate prices rise, income generated from rents grows directly in line with CPI.

Holiday rental or short term rental properties can deliver a higher net income than regular buy to let properties being rented on a long term basis. The regular cleaning and repairs done while short letting the property often ensures quality upkeep of the property. And most importantly, these properties can be used by owners for their personal enjoyment.

Omah Technology Ltd is a UK registered company with the company number 13718000.

Before the transaction, Omah will work to understand your goals. Omah specialises in short term rental properties and using its machine learning algorithms brings forward the best properties from the marketplace. These shortlisted properties are further reviewed by property experts and showcased to investors based on their preference criteria.

After an investor finds a suitable property to purchase, Omah experts can work to come up with competitive price and terms, coordinate inspections and appraisals, introduce solicitors and work with the investor all the way through closing. If the investor needs property management, an Omah certified property manager or property management company can be introduced and Omah can work to set up the management contract as well as track the performance of the property.

In the case of Omah’s exclusive properties, everything will already be set up in advance.

You can refer to Omah’s pricing page here.

Real estate listing platforms offer investors the opportunity to see properties that are listed on their platforms by seller agents. The question is why work with Omah if most of the properties are listed on these platforms.

Advantages of working with Omah include
  • As a buy side platform, Omah helps achieve the user goals. A marketplace and seller agents goal is built to sell all inventory, which doesn’t always align well with the user’s interest.
  • Omah’s properties are handpicked after a thorough digital analysis and an expert review, enabling you to clear the noise and see only properties that are most attractive. This saves great time and effort.
  • Omah’s on ground expert partners can go to the property and view the property live as soon as you request a deep dive. This gets you to the property the fastest - helping close good properties easily before they are snatched by someone else.
  • Omah also offers support with the acquisition and identification of various vendors - a much needed service when you are acquiring remotely.

On instructions and key inputs from the investor, Omah can handle the finding, valuation, offer, due diligence, and closing. Omah can also introduce and coordinate a property manager that will handle the revenue and property management. So all the investor has to do is collect revenue and build equity.

Here are the eight steps to investing in short term rental properties and how Omah helps along the way:

  • Find a property: Omah does most of the work by finding the most attractive opportunities suited to the goals of the investor.
  • Analyse the financials: Omah puts the tools in investor hands, allowing them to customise the estimates and arrive at the final profit and loss statement of the property.
  • Do a property deep dive: An Omah advisor can help with further local level insights into the market and property
  • Place an offer: An Omah advisor helps come up with a competitive offer price and terms.
  • Support in the closure process: An Omah advisor can also identify vendors and coordinate inspections, contractors, and everything needed to feel certain about the investment.
  • Find financing options: Omah can connect you to its financing partners to support investors with the best possible financing options
  • Contract a property manager: Investors can self-manage or work with an Omah certified property manager that will manage the revenue and operations.
  • Enjoy the ownership: Results aren’t guaranteed, but Omah will provide regular performance updates and best possible check-list of actions to ensure the business runs smoothly.
  • Omah makes investing in short term rentals easier for professional, part-time, and first-time real estate investors alike.

Omah first uses multiple credible data sources such as Airdna, the Land Registry, Crime data from the Police, Google, etc. to triangulate the property potential and neighbourhood attractiveness. Then a team of human experts review the data and check for consistent signals. This review often includes -

  • Check for any outliers
  • Comparison to recent sales and rentals
  • Picture analysis for major renovation and repair estimates
  • EPC Certificate study

But the thoroughness of trust and verification doesn’t stop there.

When investors go through due diligence, an Omah advisor will help get inspectors, specialists, and contractors to provide a full assessment of the property and potential costs.

No, Omah doesn’t require users to sign any exclusive agreement to discuss, find, offer, or purchase a property.

Omah operates in the largest, fastest growing, and highest growing short term rental markets. In the UK, we treat every district as a different market. For instance, TQ6 is a district in the UK and a separate market for Omah. The company is expanding into markets all over the country and it wouldn’t make sense to list every single one here. Omah is currently present in the UK, and will soon be launching in other markets in Europe.

Omah is in the largest markets when measured by the short term rental activity. The company offers the most immediate opportunities for high-quality, high-yielding, and quickly appreciating properties.

Omah is here not to convince investors to buy in one market that the company operates in. Our team is here to enable investors to transact in the markets that they are most interested in. Omah is expanding into new markets. Connect with a team member and let them know which markets are most enticing right now.

Unlike traditional real estate agents or brokerage houses, Omah acts more like an asset manager and it wants to see investors succeed in the long run. Our fee structure is a reflection of that commitment.

Different markets in the UK have different restrictions on running holiday lets. But Omah is carefully choosing areas and property where holiday let restrictions don’t currently exist. Each market has a very deep holiday let business.

Omah’s revenue guarantee is dependent on the property price, mortgage rate and your usage of the property. Our team goes through a detailed underwriting process for every property and considers everything from interior design to seasonal patterns to make an assessment. With fair pricing, all-year property availability and Omah’s recommended property manager, the revenue guarantee should cover any costs on the property, such as mortgage interest, insurance, taxes, etc.

Omah will professionally design and furnish your home. Our design team selects from a set collection of designs and works with local property managers to set up the house in a manner that will appeal the most to anyone who stays on the property. We co-invest up to £25,000 in furnishing the home.

Omah’s co-investment into furnishing is like an advance to the business that is recoverable over 36 months without any interest. However, the amount will only be payable if the profits exceed the mortgage interest. In case of a shortage of profits, the recovery will carry forward and become payable in the next month.

Yes, every home includes a dedicated space for member storage. Some apparent limitations to this space apply, but in most cases, we can work with you to ensure your belongings are secured for your exclusive personal use.

Once you own the property, you are welcome to make any changes you wish. Omah can even help you finance improvements to the home.

Property managers are there to ensure the smooth running of your rental property and create the best possible guest experience. They will take the lead on any operational and maintenance issues as well as ensuring the property is always welcoming for guests - and available to book. There is a lot of nitty gritty involved with running a rental property as a business which owners are not necessarily in a position to handle on a day-to-day basis. Omah works with the best rental property managers from your area, and can support you with a flexible, well structured management contract in case you need one. If you bring us a contract with an existing property manager, we can get our certified manager to price match it.

Yes. The contracts will start from a minimum period of one year, up to five years. You will be able to customise your own contract based on your requirements

We completely appreciate that this might sometimes be the case. Our contracts are structured to allow for an exit, however a break fee may be applicable, depending on the contract that you opted in for.

Omah supports you through your asset management journey in three ways -

  • Omah helps you set up the contract with the property manager and do necessary legal work to protect your interests.
  • After signing the management contract, we oversee the furnishing and process of your rental property
  • Finally, you will be given access to the app, also used by the property manager, which will help you track your property’s availability, income, performance, book your own stays and get regular appraisals. The app enables you to interact directly with the property manager, access 24/7 support, track expenses and see summary account statements.

Yes, you are free to choose your own property manager.

Yes, Omah can help you identify a new property manager and set up a similar contract if for some reason you decide to part ways with your existing property manager

Yes, our property managers will provide an annual budget and the performance of each month will be tracked against the budget within the Omah asset management app. We will also set up monthly calls with Omah analysts on the performance of your property.

Regular maintenance work will be performed by our certified property manager from a pool of funds collected every month towards the repair and maintenance of the property. However, in case of unexpected repair and maintenance, a request will be raised after verification on your application for you to approve. The operator will take responsibility for all the maintenance and repair work.

You receive payments within 15 days of the month end, and you will receive an income statement via the owner app

We do not help with filing your personal taxes, however we can help with providing you a clear earning report that you can use in your annual return filing.

Income you receive is gross receipts minus property expenses minus management fees and is before any interest or mortgage deductions. This amount will be transferred to your account on a monthly basis based on a predefined schedule.

Yes, at times we do provide rental income guarantees depending on the location and quality of the property. You will see a rental income guarantee option within your quotation portal.

If there is ever a situation when you are unhappy with your rental income, we encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss the factors around pricing and address your concerns.

You can sign up for our competitor intelligence offering where we will share how your property performed versus other local properties on a monthly basis.

You can use your property for as many days as you may like. A property management fee may be applicable to cover for any upkeep and management costs.

You can pre-book stays to guarantee a stay over special dates through your Asset Management App. If you’ve blocked your property for personal use, our system and property managers will make sure it is listed as unavailable on those dates

Yes, our property managers would love to host your friends or family members. The same virtual amount will be adjusted to your account to specify the opportunity cost and finally show up in the monthly statement.

Omah property managers are among the top 1% operators in every local market, who use the best technology stack and offer best-in-class services to provide you a turn-key solution around your current or prospective short-let rental property. Short-let rental understanding usually requires a very different skill set including day-to-day management understanding, which is currently non-existent with existing real estate brokerage houses. Omah partners help you seamlessly buy the property, and/or manage your existing property, and can even co-invest in furnishing your property as skin-in-the-game.

Yes, Omah makes purchasing property remotely simple and convenient. In most cases, the city where you aspire to buy a holiday rental property will be away from your base city. And as a result, it is difficult to understand the market dynamics.

Omah levels the playing field by bringing high quality data into the hands of users on a national scale. Omah partners with on-ground experts who not only walk investors through the neighbourhoods but also take care of coordinating any title checks, inspections, and identifying any local vendors.

After a user purchases the property remotely, Omah can offer a certified property manager and manage the property handoff along with any information that may be needed. The property manager handles the property and the user gets the income in his bank and all property reports online.

In the case of exclusive properties, Omah already has set up all of the above in a limited company, and the only thing a user needs to do is select and transfer the money to acquire the shares.

We use proprietary algorithms to search huge databases of properties for sale, then shortlist those we believe to offer the best potential as short-term or holiday rental properties. Our search considers factors like the average income for short-term lets in the local area, the number of properties available, and how past visitors rate the location and neighbourhood features based on past stays. This shortlist is then further vetted by Omah's local property experts who know the market and location best and can verify or review the selections

You can syndicate the deal at your end and at your own risk. We provide an option to share the property with your friends and family but Omah will not be involved in syndicating the deal.

Rental property returns are never guaranteed. Omah brings you past historical data of rental yields, area estimates and projections to give you a perspective on the potential annual yields. We aim to match you with one of the top performing property managers in the area with a track record of delivering performance.

The owner app which Omah offers enables you to track the income and availability at your property, and also to book your own stays.

Omah property experts are local experts who understand the property market in the area you want to invest in. They will have a track record of dealing with a portfolio of properties in the local area. Property experts help identify properties for investors by providing insights that machines can’t automate. For instance, they can give opinions on the state of the property, furnishings etc. They can also negotiate with the estate agent or current owner on your behalf.

Yes, Omah can introduce you to partners who can offer financing support. You can also choose and select your own financing options.